Hollywood Beauty Salon – 2016 

Directed by Glenn Holsten
This scene introduces viewers to the salon. HBS is a movie about hope, hair and recovery!
(TRT: 1:53)

Saint of 9/11 – 2006 

Directed by Glenn Holsten
This scene features Father Mychal Judge’s fearless ministry with AIDS patients during the initial outbreak.  Narrated by Ian McKellen.  (TRT: 2:06)

THRESHOLD:  The dramatically changing chemistry of planet earth
In Production

Directed by Glenn Holsten/Produced by FreshFly
This film reveals the vital role scientific measurement plays in solving some of our greatest environmental challenges. (TRT: 2:16)

The Barefoot Artist – 2013

Directed by Glenn Holsten
The Barefoot Artist traces Lily’s evolution as an artist – from her first exposure to Chinese landscape painting as a young girl in China to the hauntingly beautiful memorial she designed to honor the victims of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. (TRT: 4:10)