Sean Maher


Sean Maher is co-founder of FreshFly. He’s a seasoned director who began his film career as an editor.

Clients find his enthusiasm to be infectious and his humility, endearing. Years of honing his craft have given him an incisive ability to find the emotional core of any story. Comfortable directing non-actors and professional talent alike, Sean has the ability to quickly build a strong rapport with those he works with, allowing authentic performances and a collaborative environment on set.

His work has touched audiences in film festivals, on national television, and through the web for brands around the world. Most recently, Sean directed campaigns for Speakman Shower Heads, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, TUFTS Medical Health Plan, and The Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program.

Sean loves his medium because of its communicative power to spread meaningful ideas. Stories he crafts are often told in a thoughtful and poignant manner.